March 17, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 17 Mar 2014

So let's get into it.
So changes are this Wednesday and looks like I will be having changes folks. But we will just have to see. So the events from this week.
THERE WAS A CIRCUS IN TOWN!!! Yeah we totally went to the circus today. Crazy fun with lions and tigers and bears oh my! No but really the circus was really fun and I was just sitting there enjoying it even though it was in Spanish.
Let's see what else. Oh the big news is that our eternal investigator, our cook Maura, got baptized. After working her here for close to four months and having the help of the years of missionaries before she finally got dunked. I have pictures but my camera died so I will have to send them some other time.
So we went out to the bishop's house this week too to help him with a "project" as he put it. Well first we hiked out to Naco to begin this whole adventure. Then after hiking another hour and ending up no longer in Naco but in an area of Santa Barbara we got to the bishop's house.
So he has a nice spread with a ton of braumer cattle. Oh and just so you know my comp has never ever worked with cows before so he was terrified to be near these cows. Well the project wasn't actually working with the was digging ditches. No really I was digging ditches for the day with him and his neighbors.
We dug three kilometers of ditch and laid tubes to get fresh water to his house so that he could have drinking water for the family without having to wait for it to rain. The sad part is that we worked all day and got a ton of progress and are still two more kilometers of ditch away from his house. And these last two kilometers are all up this huge hill. Talk about the suck.
So I can now say that all my years of child slave labor to Dad are paying off. I now have the knowledge to be a slave down here in Honduras only with crappier materials and less pay. Of course some of you are saying "but Mike, slaves don't get paid." And you are right. I have and never will be paid for my slave days. But you can cry for me later I guess. It is paying off right now cause now the bishop loves to help us the most.
So I still got to amaze all these catrachos here by being able to milk a cow. Yeah a gringo can milk a cow. It just blew their minds. This just goes to show that I can still amaze people even if you guys don't believe me.
So really that was about it for the week. We have just been working hard and trying to get the gators all ready for the changes coming up. Well I hope to hear from you all soon just remember that I love you all and am still trying to take over Honduras one person at a time.
Until next week,


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