March 30, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 20 Mar 2015

Well folks,

So this week we got all prepped for the famed SEMANA SANTA. Not a whole lot to report, just trying to get the work going because this week everyone and their grandmother leaves on vacation. Yeah so this week will be really slow. The only people still here in town are a whole bunch of really REALLY old Catholic people who spend the whole week celebrating and thinking of Christ and His sacrifice. Also they have a planned parade-reenactment Friday of Christ carrying the cross from the Imperial Fort to Golgotha. Yeah it is going to be really crazy but we are for sure going to take notes and see how it goes.

As far as the work, still in the work of getting more investigators. It is real hard here. They are very very very VERY difficult to get to even consider change. Like pulling teeth, but only with those little plastic set of pliers that you buy your kids for Christmas. Yeah that type of pain.

Well this week is the Conference and we will get a chance to hear from the Prophet and refocus ourselves to the work. I hope you are get the chance to watch and take notes. It is always a good chance to have an autorreflexión (self-reflection) and then follow what Paul says in 1 Col 4:20 and act on what you feel is the needed change because "the kingdom of heaven is of power not words."

Well that is all I have for this week's grand adventure. I will see you all next week. Oh and side note: "thanks for not picking me," (reference that Pete will get) I didn't even get a bracket this year! I could have won, "I could have been a contender..." guess I will just smoke you all next year.


PS my shower is better than yours

March 23, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 23 March 2015

Well this week wasn't as Apostle filled as the last, sad to say. But hey we have been focusing more on trying to apply what Elder Anderson explained to the branch here in El Dorado.

Speaking of El Dorado, now based on the name you all might think of it as a lovely quaint little town. El Dorado is the mythical city of gold in old tales where the streets are paved with gold and everyone is rich and happy and healthy and stuff. Well I think they should probably be a little more realistic with the name of some places. El Dorado for example is NOT paved with gold. In fact it is a dusty dirty little truck stop on the way to the El Salvador border. Really naming things here in Honduras isn't their strong point. I can't tell you how many little stores I have seen called Pulperia La Bendición. Originality, non existent.

Well side note aside, things here are chugging along. We are still in that long process of trying to get more investigators. It's been hot and dusty work especially with the approach of the famed Semana Santa the temps are on the rise and so is the quantity and quality of sweat. But we are currently close to breaking through the tough times and just getting back to teaching fools. Well aside from that really not a whole bunch going on. My shoe died the other day actually. Yeah after about 20 months it finally died until I took them to this like 50,000 year old man who sits in the park everyday fixing shoes. Yup! They are all fine now. Yeah well now we are back on the road with shoes 2.0.

Well that is about all that has happened this week. I will see you all on the flip side.


March 16, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 16 Mar 2015

Well sorry for some technical difficulties from last week, turns out that in a third world country that the internet at times is crappy at best.

Well that note aside let's get down to it. Well this last week went by way too fast and was pretty dang good to be honest. So first we were working really hard but it is just getting plain hot here. Yeah it's starting to get to every missionary's favorite time in Honduras...SEMANA SANTA!!! I mean when you are sweating all day every day at all times, it is just AWESOME! An adventure every day!

We have been trying to, as always, get more gators in our pool of people to teach but it has been just a wee bit hard these last two weeks. We find a whole bunch of people who either want to Bible bash or just listen one time and then hide from you for forever. Well we will find a way to get some people in our search. But the work moves on.

We also had a meeting with Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve on Saturday. It was boss! Well first fact, he can't speak Spanish...but was speaking in Spanish...number two just taught us a LOT of amazing stuff. Now we are just to try and apply them to help the most people we can. Number three...he gave me a shoulder hug...yeah, only one out of a group of over 420 missionaries. Lame reason to be famous...I think NOT! Well that is about all we have this week. I will make sure to get you are the sweet adventures from next week.



March 2, 2015

Photo Dump 2

Photo Dump

The Jungle Report, Ed 2 Mar 2015

So this week we had the chance to be capacitated by el Elder Adrian Ochoa from the presidency for the area. It was AWESOME! He used to be the misión president here in Honduras 10 years back so it was nice to hear tales of back in the day. He also really helped us to reenfoca in what we are here to do. It was a great meeting. Then we just had to get on a bus and try to get back to Copan in time to teach. Well long story short we got back in time to go to bed.

After we went to work applying all that we learned to better help those that we have been teaching. Well one thing led to another and BOOM! we are having a crap ton of success. We have been finding a lot of people who have been needing our help and that we have been able to come into contact with. But really we are trying to just get more investigators and that seems to be a slow process. The good news is that when we find someone they are turning out to be gold. It just gets old getting a whole lo9t of doors in the face or people saying yeah come by and then just hide. I mean I think they would burn the house down and move if it meant not having to talk to us. Crazy.

Well today, in other news, we had the chance to go and have yet another adventure time, this time we climbed up to some waterfalls Good times had by all actually. We found out yet again too that some people were just put into this world to do stupid stuff to make my life more humorous. I won't go into specifics but let's just say it never gets old watching a certain sister missionary just eat it and fall into a stream like forty times today. Well that is about all that I have for this report, love you all,