March 23, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 23 March 2015

Well this week wasn't as Apostle filled as the last, sad to say. But hey we have been focusing more on trying to apply what Elder Anderson explained to the branch here in El Dorado.

Speaking of El Dorado, now based on the name you all might think of it as a lovely quaint little town. El Dorado is the mythical city of gold in old tales where the streets are paved with gold and everyone is rich and happy and healthy and stuff. Well I think they should probably be a little more realistic with the name of some places. El Dorado for example is NOT paved with gold. In fact it is a dusty dirty little truck stop on the way to the El Salvador border. Really naming things here in Honduras isn't their strong point. I can't tell you how many little stores I have seen called Pulperia La BendiciĆ³n. Originality, non existent.

Well side note aside, things here are chugging along. We are still in that long process of trying to get more investigators. It's been hot and dusty work especially with the approach of the famed Semana Santa the temps are on the rise and so is the quantity and quality of sweat. But we are currently close to breaking through the tough times and just getting back to teaching fools. Well aside from that really not a whole bunch going on. My shoe died the other day actually. Yeah after about 20 months it finally died until I took them to this like 50,000 year old man who sits in the park everyday fixing shoes. Yup! They are all fine now. Yeah well now we are back on the road with shoes 2.0.

Well that is about all that has happened this week. I will see you all on the flip side.


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