March 30, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 20 Mar 2015

Well folks,

So this week we got all prepped for the famed SEMANA SANTA. Not a whole lot to report, just trying to get the work going because this week everyone and their grandmother leaves on vacation. Yeah so this week will be really slow. The only people still here in town are a whole bunch of really REALLY old Catholic people who spend the whole week celebrating and thinking of Christ and His sacrifice. Also they have a planned parade-reenactment Friday of Christ carrying the cross from the Imperial Fort to Golgotha. Yeah it is going to be really crazy but we are for sure going to take notes and see how it goes.

As far as the work, still in the work of getting more investigators. It is real hard here. They are very very very VERY difficult to get to even consider change. Like pulling teeth, but only with those little plastic set of pliers that you buy your kids for Christmas. Yeah that type of pain.

Well this week is the Conference and we will get a chance to hear from the Prophet and refocus ourselves to the work. I hope you are get the chance to watch and take notes. It is always a good chance to have an autorreflexión (self-reflection) and then follow what Paul says in 1 Col 4:20 and act on what you feel is the needed change because "the kingdom of heaven is of power not words."

Well that is all I have for this week's grand adventure. I will see you all next week. Oh and side note: "thanks for not picking me," (reference that Pete will get) I didn't even get a bracket this year! I could have won, "I could have been a contender..." guess I will just smoke you all next year.


PS my shower is better than yours

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