April 6, 2015

The Jungle Report

Well this week was AWESOME!!! Let's just start with Conference. Downright boss! Recap, marriage is successful with a cookie and a kiss, need to make our family relations stronger and, my personal favourite, ways to make ourselves better all around. For all those who didn't get a chance to check it out hit this up:


Also we had something really boss. So this was the Semana Santa, which means a whole lot of people were out of town which meant we were walking around a whole lot and the sun was...just...awesome! ...awesome...nothing else can describe that sweet sun here in Honduras. But this Friday was something downright worth a whole look. This Friday the Catholic church was running on all gears. They had a re-enactment of the judgment and crucifixion of Cristo. Yeah it was pretty strange to see a multitude of Hondurans dressed like traditional Jews beating a drunk out of his mind dude dressed like Jesus. No really! They were beating the crap out of this guy! I mean there was blood and everything! Differences between the real deal and Friday's shindig were A) language spoken B) amount of people taking pictures with their phones C) an ambulance from the Red Cross and D) he didn't get nailed or die. But my fearless companion and I, as the pilas missionaries that we are went and handed out pamphlets and talked to people during the whole event in the park. Great times. Now we just need to see if the work comes out.

In other news the work is still moving along. Just trying to better ourselves daily. Can't wait to hear from you all soon. Officially was given the date today of Thursday, 25th of June. We got work to get in before then. Time to baptize the world.

Love you guys,


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