April 27, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 27 Abril 2015

Well this week was a pretty good one actually. So to start we are will working to get peeps. Still working on it. But we did have a pretty good idea for an activity to help get the branch all here. So this Saturday, due to the heat that has been just rocking here, we planned an activity to animate everyone here in good ole Dorado. This activity was a good old summer day. We filled up a whole lot of water balloons, a bunch of pools, a slip and slide and volleyball. It was all around really great.

We also had interviews with President Dester. Great times all around. He is just a stud and has a way to make you just get geared up to go work hard. We've now just been geared up to take care of the work. But hey we had to leave the internet due to loss of power so now we don't have a whole lot of time. I will update you next week. Love you all and make sure to look for the positive side this week,


April 20, 2015

Photo Dump 3

Walking back from San Nicolas with Wilmer

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The Jungle Report, Ed 20 Abril 2015

So to start out this day's report is this first note...you are all dead to me! Dead! Last week's report had one (1) assignment in it and you all failed horribly! Don't remember what it was...? Bad excuse and now I will remind you all with the exact quote:

"...take time to sit back once in a while for a good ice cream, a good conversation and to enjoy the roses. This is what I am now expecting all of you to do this week and take pictures of your most joy filled moment from this week and send that to an elder right now down in Copan..."

Yeah...that one. You all failed. But I will let you guys slide this time. Just know that a part of my trust died...

So this week was once again really...really hot but we are still working hard and trying to enjoy it. We still have the search for investigators. We are still searching but it is just being a wee bit difficult. But I have a feeling for this week that is coming up. Well this last week we had the chance to help out the branch here with their family history work. And that meant that we had a week going to cemeteries and looking through public records. Yeah pretty fun actually teaching people how to be Sherlock Holmes and finding clues and stuff like that. So we found this new little town in our area that is just awesome. It's a long walk but has the single best road in Honduras leading to it. There is where we went with our branch mission leader to find dates of his family. It is a little quaint down with a whole bunch of pine trees. Just a little bit baggy for those trees to say the least.

Also in the adventures for this week we went and toured the bread factory. Here in La Entrada is this bread company called La Popular and we got permission to go inside it was pretty great and got the chance to see exactly how they make that really mediocre bread that we always eat. So all in all a good experience. Well that is about all that went down this last week and I guess I will hear from you guys next week.


April 13, 2015

The Jungle Report, 13 Apr 2015

Well this week was a pretty good one. Still really hot, really really hot. It's been just really warm. During this last week we had the time to once again search for more investigators. It has been a long week and we are still fruitless it seems. But hey the search continues. There have been some great advantages to this fruitless effort so far. 1) I am now the most tan gringo here in our zone. Yeah who would have though that I would end up the most tan? 2) We found a lot of cool hole in the wall places since we have been scouring our entire area. Other aspects have yet to surface but I will remain on the lookout and inform you all on the benefits. On that note it has been part of my observation that overall we as a human race need to be more positive. Honestly it's true. These moments in the mission when it really has been just frustration at every turn are moments to treasure. This week gave me lots of changes to reflect on a lot of things and the first of my "things I have learned in Honduras..." is that we all need to be more positive. It's a true fact that is actually summed up very well by those ole English Boys, the Monty Python group.


...Oh you guys! Always making people smile. Well it's a true point and one that we often times forget. As one Book of Mormon prophet explained "Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy." But the question is "are we living that statement? Are we really using the gift that our first father gave us and enjoying life" It is a reflection that I honestly think is the most important we can have as humans. We have been blessed with the Gospel by our Heavenly Father that's one main purpose is that we are filled with joy and yet are we living and thinking of that? Are we in the mental mood of grumbling that we are in a crowded rapidito bus with fifty other people and it is hot and sweaty or are we thinking of the fact that WOW we have cars and I am in a different country and speaking another language fluently?

I feel that the moment that we all start focusing in on the things that really matter we will all in turn start to realize that we are here and we have joy with the simple things. The 2nd thing that I have learned from Honduras is that when all else fails and the safety net falls out from under you, all you need is an ice cream sandwich and to stop and think about just how good you've got it.

(gets down off soapbox) Sorry that the adventures from this week are not as action packed as normal but this week's report is one that I wish we would all just apply more. Take time to sit back once in a while for a good ice cream, a good conversation and to enjoy the roses. This is what I am now expecting all of you to do this week and take pictures of your most joy filled moment from this week and send that to an elder right now down in Copan. I love you all and can't wait to hear and see what brings you joy this next week,


April 6, 2015

The Jungle Report

Well this week was AWESOME!!! Let's just start with Conference. Downright boss! Recap, marriage is successful with a cookie and a kiss, need to make our family relations stronger and, my personal favourite, ways to make ourselves better all around. For all those who didn't get a chance to check it out hit this up:


Also we had something really boss. So this was the Semana Santa, which means a whole lot of people were out of town which meant we were walking around a whole lot and the sun was...just...awesome! ...awesome...nothing else can describe that sweet sun here in Honduras. But this Friday was something downright worth a whole look. This Friday the Catholic church was running on all gears. They had a re-enactment of the judgment and crucifixion of Cristo. Yeah it was pretty strange to see a multitude of Hondurans dressed like traditional Jews beating a drunk out of his mind dude dressed like Jesus. No really! They were beating the crap out of this guy! I mean there was blood and everything! Differences between the real deal and Friday's shindig were A) language spoken B) amount of people taking pictures with their phones C) an ambulance from the Red Cross and D) he didn't get nailed or die. But my fearless companion and I, as the pilas missionaries that we are went and handed out pamphlets and talked to people during the whole event in the park. Great times. Now we just need to see if the work comes out.

In other news the work is still moving along. Just trying to better ourselves daily. Can't wait to hear from you all soon. Officially was given the date today of Thursday, 25th of June. We got work to get in before then. Time to baptize the world.

Love you guys,