April 13, 2015

The Jungle Report, 13 Apr 2015

Well this week was a pretty good one. Still really hot, really really hot. It's been just really warm. During this last week we had the time to once again search for more investigators. It has been a long week and we are still fruitless it seems. But hey the search continues. There have been some great advantages to this fruitless effort so far. 1) I am now the most tan gringo here in our zone. Yeah who would have though that I would end up the most tan? 2) We found a lot of cool hole in the wall places since we have been scouring our entire area. Other aspects have yet to surface but I will remain on the lookout and inform you all on the benefits. On that note it has been part of my observation that overall we as a human race need to be more positive. Honestly it's true. These moments in the mission when it really has been just frustration at every turn are moments to treasure. This week gave me lots of changes to reflect on a lot of things and the first of my "things I have learned in Honduras..." is that we all need to be more positive. It's a true fact that is actually summed up very well by those ole English Boys, the Monty Python group.


...Oh you guys! Always making people smile. Well it's a true point and one that we often times forget. As one Book of Mormon prophet explained "Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy." But the question is "are we living that statement? Are we really using the gift that our first father gave us and enjoying life" It is a reflection that I honestly think is the most important we can have as humans. We have been blessed with the Gospel by our Heavenly Father that's one main purpose is that we are filled with joy and yet are we living and thinking of that? Are we in the mental mood of grumbling that we are in a crowded rapidito bus with fifty other people and it is hot and sweaty or are we thinking of the fact that WOW we have cars and I am in a different country and speaking another language fluently?

I feel that the moment that we all start focusing in on the things that really matter we will all in turn start to realize that we are here and we have joy with the simple things. The 2nd thing that I have learned from Honduras is that when all else fails and the safety net falls out from under you, all you need is an ice cream sandwich and to stop and think about just how good you've got it.

(gets down off soapbox) Sorry that the adventures from this week are not as action packed as normal but this week's report is one that I wish we would all just apply more. Take time to sit back once in a while for a good ice cream, a good conversation and to enjoy the roses. This is what I am now expecting all of you to do this week and take pictures of your most joy filled moment from this week and send that to an elder right now down in Copan. I love you all and can't wait to hear and see what brings you joy this next week,


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