April 20, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 20 Abril 2015

So to start out this day's report is this first note...you are all dead to me! Dead! Last week's report had one (1) assignment in it and you all failed horribly! Don't remember what it was...? Bad excuse and now I will remind you all with the exact quote:

"...take time to sit back once in a while for a good ice cream, a good conversation and to enjoy the roses. This is what I am now expecting all of you to do this week and take pictures of your most joy filled moment from this week and send that to an elder right now down in Copan..."

Yeah...that one. You all failed. But I will let you guys slide this time. Just know that a part of my trust died...

So this week was once again really...really hot but we are still working hard and trying to enjoy it. We still have the search for investigators. We are still searching but it is just being a wee bit difficult. But I have a feeling for this week that is coming up. Well this last week we had the chance to help out the branch here with their family history work. And that meant that we had a week going to cemeteries and looking through public records. Yeah pretty fun actually teaching people how to be Sherlock Holmes and finding clues and stuff like that. So we found this new little town in our area that is just awesome. It's a long walk but has the single best road in Honduras leading to it. There is where we went with our branch mission leader to find dates of his family. It is a little quaint down with a whole bunch of pine trees. Just a little bit baggy for those trees to say the least.

Also in the adventures for this week we went and toured the bread factory. Here in La Entrada is this bread company called La Popular and we got permission to go inside it was pretty great and got the chance to see exactly how they make that really mediocre bread that we always eat. So all in all a good experience. Well that is about all that went down this last week and I guess I will hear from you guys next week.


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