March 16, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 16 Mar 2015

Well sorry for some technical difficulties from last week, turns out that in a third world country that the internet at times is crappy at best.

Well that note aside let's get down to it. Well this last week went by way too fast and was pretty dang good to be honest. So first we were working really hard but it is just getting plain hot here. Yeah it's starting to get to every missionary's favorite time in Honduras...SEMANA SANTA!!! I mean when you are sweating all day every day at all times, it is just AWESOME! An adventure every day!

We have been trying to, as always, get more gators in our pool of people to teach but it has been just a wee bit hard these last two weeks. We find a whole bunch of people who either want to Bible bash or just listen one time and then hide from you for forever. Well we will find a way to get some people in our search. But the work moves on.

We also had a meeting with Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve on Saturday. It was boss! Well first fact, he can't speak Spanish...but was speaking in Spanish...number two just taught us a LOT of amazing stuff. Now we are just to try and apply them to help the most people we can. Number three...he gave me a shoulder hug...yeah, only one out of a group of over 420 missionaries. Lame reason to be famous...I think NOT! Well that is about all we have this week. I will make sure to get you are the sweet adventures from next week.



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