March 2, 2015

The Jungle Report, Ed 2 Mar 2015

So this week we had the chance to be capacitated by el Elder Adrian Ochoa from the presidency for the area. It was AWESOME! He used to be the misiĆ³n president here in Honduras 10 years back so it was nice to hear tales of back in the day. He also really helped us to reenfoca in what we are here to do. It was a great meeting. Then we just had to get on a bus and try to get back to Copan in time to teach. Well long story short we got back in time to go to bed.

After we went to work applying all that we learned to better help those that we have been teaching. Well one thing led to another and BOOM! we are having a crap ton of success. We have been finding a lot of people who have been needing our help and that we have been able to come into contact with. But really we are trying to just get more investigators and that seems to be a slow process. The good news is that when we find someone they are turning out to be gold. It just gets old getting a whole lo9t of doors in the face or people saying yeah come by and then just hide. I mean I think they would burn the house down and move if it meant not having to talk to us. Crazy.

Well today, in other news, we had the chance to go and have yet another adventure time, this time we climbed up to some waterfalls Good times had by all actually. We found out yet again too that some people were just put into this world to do stupid stuff to make my life more humorous. I won't go into specifics but let's just say it never gets old watching a certain sister missionary just eat it and fall into a stream like forty times today. Well that is about all that I have for this report, love you all,


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