August 13, 2013

My Last Correspondence from Spirit Prison...No Really There is a Wall

Well after a week finding out that my family hates me and didn't email me because of some "internet problems" likely excuse. It was them going on cool vacations while I am in a second world country. Well after a week where I was unloved I have come to my last week in this Mexicano espĂ­ritu prison. Yes there is a huge wall all around the compound and yes we hear all the cool things going on outside the walls and it makes us really jealous.
So contrary to popular belief I am not killing and Momos here, just chastising them with much fervor. They really are some of the dumbest people I have ever seen. Mom remember when you said that you wish more stupid people would come to your front door so you could be entertained more? Well it is fun at first but then they don't go away. EVER. My favorite word that I use around the CCM is "Gringos!" with a shake of my head and then the Latinos and I all laugh at the really dumb kids struggle one with life. The future of America folks.
Well anywho so the work is progressing, and by work I mean getting packed because the end is nearing. Thanks for sending the birthday box to the mission home, the mail here is really sketchy. Oh parents can you send me a box with A) root beer 2) shorts and C) anything with peanut butter in it. That would be much appreciated, thank you.
Okay wish list aside there has been some crazy stuff happening this week. Let's see, I watched some kid try and kick a soccer ball and throw his hip out i.e. he pulled a Susan. Em...oh on that note the kids here are the definition of athletic...and by definition I mean not even close. There are about twelve kids here that are even close to being worthy of a draft for a pick up game.
Anyway back to the task at hand, keeping you all entertained with my fancy stories. So today on the way to the temple I was punching an elder who mistakenly started hitting me for a slug bug (Yeah Mexico City must be sponsored by the VW Bug because they are everywhere, needless to say I won and he still has a dead arm) when we saw some guy get in a shootout with the Federales and get put down by an M4. Kinda cool not going to lie. Then we went into the temple. Good stories all around.
So life is going on without me it seems. Good that means I don't have to come back to the house and work ever again. Hahahahaha! I win! Well I really don't have anything else to report, but the next time you hear from me it will be from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Well I love you all. I can't wait to hear from you next week.


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