October 14, 2013

The Jungle Report; 14 Oct 2013

So for this week's adventure...well it has involved a lot of hiking, a lot of sweat, and a whole lot of rain.

Thanks for that intro, anyway so today marks the end of one really strange week. So in news we dunked another jungle dweller this week. her name is Yoselin Lopez and she is 14 and a geiper (pronounced geeper) which means that she has a crush on a missionary, can you guess which one? Yeah kinda strange, anywho, well she got dunked in a pila which is basically a giant water trough that we use to clean our clothes. Yeah but it was still awesome. So chalk up number two!
The work here is progressing and we are working hard. Well most of us. So the bad news my companion is being a butt and not wanting to work so I have to drag him around pretty much everywhere. The thing is he is a perfectionist and so when anything goes wrong, which it does every single time that we do anything, he freaks out. The reason for this episode is because the baptism didn't go exactly according to plan and stuff so he just sat down and did nothing while I worked like a mad man and solved our problems.
So tomorrow we are going to have interviews with out president of the mission, fondly called "Pappy Dester" and my companion is all set on asking to go home so maybe next email I will have a new playmate here in the jungle. So after the baptism we had a few lessons and then we confirmed Yoselin on Sunday and she ended up just having so much fun, but the bad news is her mom, who is a member, doesn't even support her and so the thing now is trying to get a family in the branch here to "adopt" her and take care of her and make sure that she has a support group.
So other crazy news we gave a blessing to a guy who got chopped up with a machete and he is healing remarkably well and then on Sunday after church we were asked to go give a blessing to a lady who we thought was asking for a blessing for health but as it turns out she was wanting comfort and didn't figure out why until we go to the house, literally 40 minutes of hiking through the jungle later. So we got to the house and this is when things started adding up that something was really wrong. So this house is literally on top of a mountain with no other houses even close to it yet there were about 30 or so people around the place and then when we walked in we saw that it was a funeral for a little baby of like a day old and so our whole day was spent comforting this new mother and teaching about the Plan of Salvation.
Well it was sad but at the end it was better with her. She was feeling a whole lot better. Well that is about all the news for this edition of the jungle report.

In other news, I still haven't had sight nor sound of any birthday packages and have only received letters, three (3). Just so you know. Well loves ya all,


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