October 7, 2013

The Jungle Report, Edition 7 Oct 2013

To all that I love and count as family and friends, and those of you who are on here because it is wisdom to keep your friends close but your enemies closer (you know who you are, Jack),

Anywho so this week has been, well there is no other word to describe it other than really freaking weird. So this week started really nice with us working and packing because we had change meeting to change areas and companions, then we got a call from the president of the mission, fondly called Papi Dester, which is always kinda scary cause then I am thinking to myself "oh crap! Did he hear about (insert event here)?" Well this time and all the others so far this hasn't been the case. This time was to tell us it was necessary to pack our stuff but not for change meeting it was because we were moving houses and giving our really nice one to two new missionarAs. There is an emphasis because they are girls and thus in Spanish this is signified by the letter "A" at the end of words instead of other letters.
Yeah so we had basically a day or so to do three things, 1) find a new house in our half of our old area that has now been split, 2) call and get the zone leaders here to chick it out and give us the okay, 3) pay for get our new stuff shipped from mission home in San Pedro to here, (5-6 hours by bus away) and then after that gets here we get everything moved in and then deep clean our house for the girls. Yeah it was crazy. So we accomplished that and got all this done in the time allowed and were prepped for the hermanas to arrive.
Well then it was Tuesday and we had to take care of a wedding for our investigators Miguel and Bertha and nothing seemed to work at all. So it takes a month for the paper work to be processed and sent back to you and then you have to show up at the time exactly or else they send the paperwork back and you have to pay and wait another month for them to arrive again. So the wedding was to take place at 1030 in the morning and so we showed up to the castillo de municipalidad and then waited as the minutes ticked by and no one was there. Then the bride showed up literally ten minutes before the thing is to start, but no groom and no testigos for the wedding.
So with four minutes to spare the testigos showed, but still no groom. He showed up with literally one minutes to spare, but we had to run into the building to the office of the judge and it took two minutes to get in there. Yeah but thankfully there was a milagro and the judge was in the bathroom so when he came out it looked like we were waiting on him. Hahahahahahaha! Yeah it was the wedding of like 17 miracles.
So then the next day the hermanas finally showed up and I guess it finally set in with us that were literally losing about all of our investigators to them. So then the rest o the week was spent trying to find new ones in our outer reaches of the area. As in before we had the town and the jungle so it wasn't possible for us to go into the deep jungle are before, but now we only have the jungle while the hermanas have the town center. So we are back at the hacking through the jungle and having fun all day.
Oh and I thought that I might escape Asian tourists here in Honduras, but guess what...they strike again! It is so funny and brings back the ole fish bowl effect again at West Point to mind. Well that is about all the report for today, this computer is acting up and won't let me send the picture of me Tarzan swinging on top of the biggest mountain around, but if it would let me attach it, it would go exactly right here --> <--

Well can't wait to hear from you next week,


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