October 21, 2013

The Jungle Report, Ed 21 OCT 2013

So this week in the jungle. Not going to lie this week went by so stinking fast. It only seems like yesterday that I was writing you folks. So the news of this last week. So we have been pushing the limits of our searching expeditions into the jungle more. Before the limits were a thirty minute hike into the mountains so now we have increased it into a whopping hour hiking and at times hacking to the jungle north of the town. Yes turns out there are people who live there. Crazy as it seems they do live in the hidden mountain valleys and now a crazed gringo with his whiny Mexican senior companion hike into their villages and teach them about coming to church. It has to be the funniest thing in the world to see I am sure. So a gringo is dragging (literally) a Mexican up these mountains and then comes to their house and both of them are dripping sweat and teach about the good word. So in other words it's been tons of adventure times up here in las ruinas.
In other news, no my companion didn't go home. Our mission president, fondly called Pappy Dester, showed up and we had interviews which everything went fine until it was turn for my compa. Pappy Dester delivered the "machete" but with love. Which means basically told him what's up if he leaves. So now he is set on being here but he still whines about everything. And talks nonstop about Mexico. So this week I finally gave him the what for about Mexico. He understands enough English that this was easy enough to explain. I said that yeah Mexico is better than Honduras, but that is like saying a horse turd is better than a cow pie, in the end they are sill both crap. Yeah and it did help that the only reason that Mexico is in the world cup is solely because America just beat Panama up so much that they dropped below Mexico. So now that my companion is in check we will get back to tearing up the jungle.
In other news, we have been progressing with all of our gators and have been bringing more in. And yesterday was the greatest Sunday yet. So the parents in the branch here suck to say the least. As in the kids run wild and destroy everything including the spirit of the meetings. So yesterday I was the official police of the branch and it was a tight ship. Not a single kid escaped primary to interrupt Sunday School. One tried, Marito the son of the branch president, whom i grabbed and was dragging back into the juala when he kicked me in the shin and so I just brained the little turd and delivered him back to the primary crying. Now they know that there are two ways for them, both involve being in primary and only one involves not getting hit in the head. So hopefully this makes all the disaster relief clean up after church less so we can go teach more and don't have to have hellions running around all the time.
The only other news is that I am progressing with Spanish and can now deliver the machete of amor to our menos activos who we teach now and get them coming back to church more. Thanks for all the emails and love. I will hear from you all next week. Keep fighting the good fight.


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