October 28, 2013

The Jungle Report, Ed 28 Oct 2013

So hello everybody! So this week's report, so the family we have been working on the whole time I have been here, Miguel and Bertha got baptized yesterday. That is an awesome thing right there! They had been such a pain in the butt, but we finally dunked 'em so looks like we won. Other news I have officially decided the little kids are of the devil. Every single time without fail that we are having a spiritual moment some stupid kid starts crying or runs through without pants on, I just wish I could beat them all. But I will just take it one day at a time.
So another cool thing from yesterday is at the baptism an investigator approached us and literally said "Quiero ser bautizados" which for you non Spanish speakers means the fish just jumped into the boat for us. Which is always fun. Hahahahahahaha! So let's what else...
Oh I had a fever of 103.6 yesterday that finally broke right now as I am talking to you guys. Don't worry, I am taking care of myself, but sometimes you get caught off guard. Let's see what else...uh looks like I will getting a new companion in this next change, hopefully he doesn't have mood swings like this one. Let's see what else, there hasn't really been a whole lot happen this week. I mean we worked every day and the we had a baptism.
So it's good to hear that Navy lost (Sprint football). That is how it should be. Other than that just make sure to keep me update with any and all football news. It sucks so bad to not have any of it here. A whole lot. They think soccer is so cool, not at all. It is painful to watch all the fakers and floppers. It's almost as bad as the NBA.
In other news, hmmm, yeah not a whole lot actually. I mean we have been working every day and trying to spread the word but it is really hard to get people to read the Book of Mormon or the Bible when they can't read. And so they just listen to exactly what their pastor tells them without even knowing how to check and see if their pastor is full of it. And here there are so many different churches that it is ridiculous. Just about every single person has their own church. As in this town there are...about a hundred churches and they all have a different version of the Bible. It's so frustrating actually. But I will survive. Just have to find a way to get through these people's thick heads.
Well this is my report for the week, I will work on having a cooler one next week.


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