November 4, 2013

The Jungle Report, Ed 4 de Noviembre

So let's get on to the jungle report shall we. So this week was pretty fun at least. My companion and I got into a ton of fun and that is always great for us. And today we went adventuring again and ended up finding a bunch of cool stuff in town and then played tricks on all the gringos that are here for the Ruinas. Yeah way too much fun. We call it gringo watching. cause they are so easy to pick out and then you just watch them and good times always ensue.
So now that I have our game out so everyone can laugh and realize that we live up every day it's time to talk about other cool stuff. So this week was Halloween, which they celebrate here two days after we do. Yeah that is on the 2nd of November not even October. But they get way involved and all hang out in the graveyard all ALL day! They decorate the graves and then it gets really crazy and they like eat with the dead and have all this time to just get really creepy with all their dead. Strange Catrachos. But hey whatever floats their boats I guess.
So yeah we got some really crazy pics of that. And that day the first time we headed out of the house we ran right smackdab into a funeral. Once again really strange. As in when the casket is in the back of an el Camino and they have a clown and a guy playing the accordion you KNOW it is going to be a good funeral. Man now all my favorite instrument, the accordion, has been ruined. I can never listen to my polka music ever again without thinking of funerals. Oh the humanity! Hahahahaha. Yes I think I am pretty funny.
Well after that we have been teaching and trying to progress our investi"gators" towards baptism. One has been really good and been progressing really well and that is about all that has been happening as in we have been baptizing the rest of our stinking gators so we just need to get more.
Yes there was a time of sickness here or me companion and I but we got over it. It was mostly brought on by some bad baleadas. We got over it really fast. And this experience taught me that I should never trust the "nurse" missionary here. She basically told us to drink water and change our socks. I was like well I could have told myself that. Gosh dangit! Never trust a "nurse" missionary. They are pretty bad here as it turns out. Well don't worry we are taking care of ourselves and are now all back up to fully operational and ready to get back in the jungle and hack it up.
Well that is about all that there is to report for this week. It was a crazy week where we were able to see that it can in fact get crazier down here. Who would have thought?


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