November 18, 2013

The Jungle Report, Ed 18 Nov 2013

To all my adoring fans out there. So the big news of this last week is that we had changes. My first companion Elder Vermont, as some may know as the guy I complain about as sucking for this last weeks, was changed out and put in I don't know where because I was only trying to listen to who would be my new companion. Well the good news is that I still have the streak going and I am 2-0 with companions that aren't from Utah.
Yeah so my new companion is named Elder Degriselles from California and this will be his death in his mission. as in he will be going home after this area. He heads home in...February and I will be the one to kill in make sure he doesn't get baggy and not work hard until he goes home. Yeah turns out Pappy Dester (President Dester) thinks I am one of the hardest working missionaries in his empire and here I was thinking that I was just trying to have an adventure every single day.
Now my companion isn't a planchero or anything it's just he knows a lot and we have been working hard to progress this area. I am excited cause we are just tearing up the lessons now. So we should be having a whole new wave of success. So this up coming week we have two more baptisms this Friday.
So in other news this week is elections and so we have been mandated by our leaders that we will not be leaving the house for three days, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so you will be getting the report for the next week late by one day.
This is security for us since last elections there were huge riots and the whole country had like a civil war for a week. Yeah turns out politics can get crazier than in the states. So the party that we are hoping not to get voted into office is the Libre partido, aka the extreme socialist who their candidate for president has been making promises that make her sound like a certain other socialist candidate in 1930's Germany only she doesn't have a mustache but the jury is still out on that one.
Don't worry about us we have a certain Big Man Upstairs looking out for us so we are all good. Well the only other news we are going to have dinner with some gringos from Utah that are rich and down here for the week and they are buying us all we can eat pizza so that should be really fun tonight.
Well yeah haven't really punched anyone else this week but no promises. Well love you all and can't wait to have word from you guys. Love you all and "will catch you on the flipside" (movie reference intended)


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