November 26, 2013

The Jungle Report, Ed 26 Nov 2013

Well as you have all probably figured out I am still alive so yay! Even though I know that some of you probably bet against me (I know who you were and I will hunt you down and get my vengeance when you least expect it). In other good news the extreme socialist Libre party didn't win the elections and this is a really good thing. The new president is Juan Orlando and we will have to see how good of a job he does otherwise there might be a lot of civil unrest.
In other news you would not believe how boring it gets being trapped in a house without any other human contact aside from my companion you really get bored really fast and then you find out a whole heck of a lot about the other person. A LOT about the other person. Then you just stare at a wall for about an hour. Then take a nap and wake up and realize that that only burned about twenty minutes. Then you build a fireplace and have a fire and roast marshmallows and sweat a whole heck of a lot because you have a fire in a tropical environment. yeah kinda sucks but tasted pretty good.
And then we had that whole hour of just sitting silently and staring into the fire and just poking it with a stick...aka a total male bonding experience. Yeah we grew close as a companionship. Then we deep cleaned everything in the house and even cloroxed everything in there and killed every living creepy crawly that was in the house. And after we did everything that we could think of it was then that we realized that it was only 2 in the afternoon of the first day of a three day imprisonment in the house.
Let's just say that we were so stinking bored it wasn't even funny. I don't even have any cool stories other than that we ound out that if you are really bored and can't leave the house that time drags on FOREVER!!! Well it is good to know that I finally have decided that if I was to be a world class criminal that I would have to be good at it so I never have to go to jail because I would be horribly bored in prison. Well that is really all that happened this week. Sorry it is so boring, but now you know how I felt in the house for three days. I loves you all,


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