December 16, 2013

The Ghetto Report, Ed 16 Dec 2013

Well as you can guess from the name of this email folks, I have been changed out of my beloved jungle home in Copan ruinas for Cofradia. I am thirty minutes west of San Pedro Sula and in a city now. In fact there isn't a single sinking hill in this whole place. Or jungle for that matter.
As Pappy Dester told me he was moving me from a jungle into a different one. Yeah so I now have to totally try to adjust to the fact that not everyone is poor and everyone has electricity in their houses. We even have a cook who cooks us lunch which is a huge change from the fact that I only ever got black beans and tortillas that I helped make. Yup that is right, I now have mastered making corn tortillas by hand.
So when I told some of the members here what my last area was like they were very sorry for me and have now vowed to make sure that I get to try all the different foods of Honduras. Which means I don't have to buy food for a while. Yesterday I got cow stomach stew which actually was really good. Our cook owns a butcher shop so we get some good food I just make sure not to watch how they butcher it.
Let's just say that if you ever read the book The Jungle well it ain't got nothing on Honduras. The other day I saw a guy with a tiny motorcycle with a sidecar driving a dead cow to the butcher shop. Yeah the cow was sitting in the side car but it was way too huge for this bike and was dragging on the nasty road. But hey my stomach stew was good so I ain't complaining.
So just for all of you who are wondering how big the cockroaches are, imagine about the size of a silver dollar and about got it...only thing is that they are quick little buggers and like to attack you in the bathroom in the morning right as you are blurry eyed and are very ineffective at attacking back. Stupid cockroaches. But hey I guess they have to make a living.
Also one thing that is really funny is that at night the road that we have to take back to our house has got like ten or so drag-queen prostitutes who always cat call at us as we walk by. So yeah we aren't in Kansas no more. So my new comp is Elder Canterero. He is a Guanaco and has about 15 months on his mission. the good news is that he likes to work hard so we are like pigs in mud out here. Well that is about all that has happened here in the land of Honduras. Thanks for all the emails and love. Love you guys,


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