December 9, 2013

The Jungle Report, Ed 9 Dec 2013

Well my good fan club, just so you know this may be the last Jungle Report as in that is right, I have changes for the first time. I may end up not in the jungle but I am for sure still taking my machete with me. There ain't no way that I am leaving the machete behind. That tool has served me well.
So the good news is that it took all of like five minutes to pack and I am now just trying to not have anything left behind. We have been teaching some really good gators and that is going to be a little hard to just hand them over to some schmuck that I don't know. but I guess that is where the whole principle of faith comes in. I know that God needs me in another pueblo and with another companion so that we can just tear up the work and help as many short catrachos as we can.
The big news is that I have been working my butt off to get as many of our lost sheep back and going to church and it seems to be paying off here since yesterday we had a whopping seven of them that came to church. It is getting really nice to see what happens when you work your butt off and sweat a whole freaking lot.
Well yesterday we showed these Lamanites the Christmas Devotional that none of them had ever seen ( for those of you who don't know what the heck I am talking about.
But now it is time to answer some of your questions. Number one, Jack I am working on infiltrating a drug cartel here but as it turns out I am really white and taller than everyone so I stick out really badly. But I will keep you updated on that you dang Jersey Boy. Oh by the way, the first person I ended up trying to talk to down here, Jack, was from Jersey. Yeah I can't even escape those stinking Jersey kids here either. Another thing, as an avid LA Angels fan I though that I would escape the iron curtain of the Yankees here in Honduras too. Wrong again. They are still here. Catrachos are the worst band wagon jumpers ever. And they have the funniest t-shirts and hats ever.
So if you guys ever want to get any hat for any college national championship game that has the wrong team as the winners then hey I can hook you up. Hahahahaha. Well next week you will be able to hear from what area I am reassigned to. Mom I won't know how I can call or Skype you guys until then so I will say this once...stop freaking out I am working on it but being in a third world country doesn't speed up the process and if you are freaking out all that does is make more grey hairs. Love you all and make sure to have a great Christmas. Loves,


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