December 23, 2013

The Ghetto Report, Ed 23 Dec 2013

Well adoring fans as you can see it is a very green Christmas here in the humid tropical region that is called Honduras with the temperatures being around mid 80s to low 90s this week and next week too. Way too much fun. But we still have fun.
As you can see we built a house so that is always way too much fun. My saying here is to have an adventure a day and that is what we have been doing. My new comp is a total stud and we have been just tearing up the work here and having fun too. Now for all of you people who have tons of questions I will be answering them. No, my address hasn't changed. That is the mission home address and they send the mail to me because no one here has actual mail addresses really.
So this week has been really crazy with all the Christmas build up and the people all being in their happy (alcohol filled) state giving us a ton of stuff from cake to free rides and everything in between. And there is the fact that there are a crap ton of transvestites that just make everything hilarious. Well there isn't really a ton to tell, just getting ready for the holiday and trying to listen to as much Christmas music as we can. Well I love you all and will be thinking of you this Christmas.


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