December 30, 2013

The Jungle...I Mean Ghetto Report, Ed 30 Dec 2013

Yeah well here we are again adoring fan club. The weekly update. So this last week as many of you notices, was Christmas. Which for catrachos (that is what Hondurans call themselves) means that you get really drunk the 24th and stay up all night listening to ranchero music and blowing up fireworks...for Jesus. Yeah a little different to say the least. Not to mention that these "fireworks" are basically explosives. I mean what costs 50 cents American green back is literally a stick of dynamite with a pony sticker to make show that it is for kids. Yeah so it was a long night without being able to sleep.
And then there was the 25th. Literal ghost town. There was nothing open or anyone awake (except for missionaries) until close to 2 in the afternoon. Yeah they party pretty hard and then just don't care for the rest of the week after.
So as my family will attest, Honduras and its technical abilities are lacking to say the least. But we finally were able to get to Skype and talk with all of them. Yes I have missed you all but you are all the same crazy family I remember and love. Then after we went back to the work.
So this Saturday we had three more baptisms and are just rocking it here. This Sunday we had a whopping 12 investigators at church and 14 less actives who came back from our area that we had been teaching. The work here in Cofradia is just on fire right now and so now our approach is to just keep working harder and feed the flames. Elder Canterero is just a stud and we are just having fun every day as we keep up the work and keep attacking the work.
Some stories from the week...well so there were these fireworks that one investigator gave us. As in a whole ton of fireworks. Let's just say the other elders in our house had a fun time in the bathroom when one of those slid under the door. And then we watched a bum fight that was broken up when a little kid shot a Roman Candle at them and the alcohol that was spilled on their clothes started on fire.
So all around a Christmas season to remember to say the least. Well that is about all that there is to have in this week's update. Remember I love you all, even those from New Jersey.


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