January 6, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 6 Enero 2014

Well fan club how are all of you guys? I hope well. So let's get right to it shall we. So turns out I have some really strange news to report. That is that my mission president apparently really trusts me. So I have officially been given a position as official mission "missionary breaker."
So I now have a different companion because he was having problems with women in his area and I am supposed to break him...con amor. Yeah so yesterday was our first day and let's just say that he is now in a new world...my world! Hahahaha! That seems really evil sounding but I have to make him find why he is here again and right now he is just needing to break first then get built up again.
So this last Saturday we had four baptisms and then right after we found out about the emergency changes for Sunday. And now I have Elder Giron as a comp. Well we will see what happens from here. Well that is about all I have to report today in the Report. Hope to hear from you all soon. I just have to get back to work and destroy...I mean help my companion. Well see you later.


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