January 13, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 13 Ene 2014

Well hi there all you amazing Americans!

So this week en el chambre...so things have turned out really great with my new companion. So President Dester really is a stud and receives revelation. So Elder Giron has been a blessing in disguise for me. He has taught me that I was thinking all wrong with him, I didn't need to break him at all in that sense. Turns out he just needed an example and someone who would love and trust him.
So the first two days we didn't talk really at all until I finally had a "Come To Jesus" meeting (copyright to Kandi Duff for the name) and basically told him that "hey we are here to work and I don't care what you have done but it's what you are going to do that concerns me. I trust you completely, now let's go to work." And honestly that is really what he has needed it seems. Cause now we are on fire. We have planned for the first of Feb a Super Baptism with so far 6 to 7 gators who all accepted and are super stoked for this baptism so we have our hands full.
We have been doing a whole heck of a ton of service lately and so my hands are all ripped up and stuff but hey it is getting a lot of trust with the people here who have then been way more willing to listen to us and let us try to help them. Well as you all probably want to know life here is super fun every day as we are progressing and pushing the work forward.
My saying that my new comp has taken and we are running with is to Attack the Work everyday. We have been going and working hard every single day and it seems to be paying off. Now the trick is to keep pushing forward while it is working. Well that is about all the stuff I have for today. Thanks for all the love and emails. Until next week,


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