January 20, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 20 Ene 2014

Well well well adoring fans,

Here we are again with the weekly report of my adventures here in Honduras. Well where to begin? So this week has been super fast and well now I am here in an internet cafe with a bunch of stinking little Honduran children staring over my shoulder as I write this.
So this week our big focus as a companionship was to do service and attack the work from that aspect. So we actually accomplished that really well as our service projects ended up giving us a lot of new gators to talk with. These projects included, but are not limited to, building a new house completely out of mud (yup 3 little pigs style with sticks and mud), chopping weeds in a two acre plot of land by hand with a machete and chopping down trees with really REALLY dull axes. It was really funny to see all the stinking catrachos stare as I just hacked up this tree way faster than they could because I just have more power than they do.
So we just made a lot of people's days when we showed up and just are powering through all their chores in only part of the time it would have taken them to do it. Other than that we were just on fire and teaching all week. We are just on fire in this area so now we just have to keep feeding the fire with more work. My companion is super excited to actually be making a difference again and we are just working like studs.
So my area here, Cofradia, is about 30 minutes outside of San Pedro and is really just a small little suburb type town. But this suburb just stretches on for like EVER in every direction. We are walking all the time just to get to our areas. Our area is so big that we have to start taking buses early in the morning all the way at the far reaches and then just start walking and teaching all the way back until we are in for the night at home. But it is really fun, I enjoy the crap out of it here. It is a whole lot different than Copan though.
One big difference is in the types of beans they eat (no really they make a huge deal over that here) apparently Copan is the backwoods bojangled area of Honduras that everyone makes fun of because, get ready for it...they eat black beans in Copan. Everywhere else eats red beans. Now just to set the record straight...they taste EXACTLY THE SAME!!!! But here as soon as you start talking about black beans they see you as a backwoods, wearing bib overalls without a shirt or shoes, missing most of your teeth, playing the banjo and making moonshine hillbilly. (DISCLAIMER---if this resembles you at all, I am sorry (cough, cough, Zeke))
Well now that really is one "huge" difference of my new area. Oh that and this place is completely flat. Not a single hill in all of my area. The exact opposite of my last area which was in the mountains. Well that is enough of the strange Honduran chambre for now. Oh other than this. Get this, the Beck girl who served a mission, yeah the next door neighbor Beck girl, served here and they all want her to know that they still remember her. Well that's all keep up the good work, or not, what do I care. Well loves you all and have fun this week. Have an adventure.


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