January 27, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 27 Ene 2014

Well let's get right on to it shall we friends. Okay this week went by super fast. So we started the week having our interviews with President "Pappy" Dester. These were just to see how we are all doing in the mission and how he can help us. Mine was super short in which I was literally told that he is thankful that he has me as a missionary whom he trusts and can send any companion to and they will end up being better afterward. Then he said that I don't need to worry that doesn't mean he will just be giving me crappy companions one right after the other.
But it is really nice to see that man. He is such a spiritual giant and honestly I just always feel so much better every time that I talk with him. he has a way to make you feel that you want to be better because you are able to just feel the love that he has for you. So that was a Tuesday (wow that word just looks so weird to me. I have been using the word Martes to mean that for so long, but whatever I guess.)
Back to my letter, then on Jueves was a meeting with Elder Ochoa of the Presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy was here to talk with us. Once again we got delivered the gran machete de amor. Pero despues my companion and I just got back to the work and just started tearing up the work here.
We had a whopping twenty five investigators at church this last Sunday and all of them were complete families who are just super enthused to receive the message we have. Really strange that I have learned here in the far reaches of Honduras is that this Gospel literally has the ability to help people, no matter in what part of their lives, single, families, widowed, everything. This Gospel helps. That is what I have been just loving to see and feel, the good that has been coming to people's lives here in the jungles.
So this last week we have been building a house as a service project. Yeah, me, an uncertified gringo is allowed to build houses that people live in. Pretty sketch if you ask me. So it is a little shack to say the least. not made of mud this time but a complete firehazard. The wood that they gave us is called "ocote" which is a type of wood that naturally is just soaked with sap and literally bursts into flames when any type of match is even close to it.
So yeah...I guess you could say I just built a death sentence for a family. But at least they can hide from the rain right before they burst into flames. Well that is about all that there is to inform on this week. Just know that I am doing well and attacking the work every day. Can't wait to hear from you guys soon,


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