February 3, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 3 Feb 2014

Well where should we begin... So this last week was really fast just like every other week before. So we have been working a whole ton this week just helping the work here progress and that has been meaning a whole lot of service. So this week has included cutting up a whole heck of a ton of wood with a machete and a really crappy ax. There was a ton of getting our hands all cut up by the hand made wood handles for the tools. But we will live don't worry.
Other than that let's see this week we have been really just working every day and having as much fun as we can. We had a game of soccer and turns out I apparently am "sin miedo" because I just run in front of every ball that is kicked and basically attacking everyone. Well the sad news (saw it coming) is that the NFL is a joke now from all my reports from the homeland. Good thing we still have college or else it would be a waste of everything that AMERICA stands for.
So down here in the jungle the temps are getting really hot again...YEAH FOR SWEATY ELDERS! Well other than that we have changes this Wednesday so we will see if I am still here in Cofradia or what exactly happens. The word on the street is I will still be here but there have been stranger things to happen before. Well that is about all for this week in the life of a jungle missionary. Until the next adventure,


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