February 10, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 10 Feb 2014

Well ladies and gents, as you can guess from the title, I am still in Cofradia for the time being. Well let's get right into the whole report shall we. So this week has been just kind of raro. Well we started on on the mission of killing off really baggy elders and sending them home. As in Elder Lindsay's comp was finishing his mission and was a complete waste of flesh for his last two...changes. Yes changes! But now we have a lively and animated new face living in the house. His name is Elder Ramirez and he and Elder Lindsay are now getting back to the good work.
After on Thursday was a birthday party for a girl named Paola who is now able to walk after a year and a half of being bedridden from an accident falling out of a truck. So the story con Paola is that she got thrown out of the back of a truck on the highway and her got broken. As in imagine a banana when you peel it, that's what happened with her muscles of her leg. Then she got an infection in the bone. So that sounds really bad huh? Now add in the x factor...bad medical practices of Honduras. Normally a death sentence but she is a miracle and a huge strength to the ward here.
Oh that day I ended up punching a hole in a mango tree. Yeah I didn't think I punched it that hard but after it ended up having like a really big hole in it. Yeah it was all pretty great, crappy cake and then one thing led to another and now there is a hole in a mango tree.
Then fast forward to Saturday and we had three baptisms for Kenya, David, and Cinthia. They are all pretty stoked to be in the church now. Of course the final day of the baptism is always when Satan is fighting hardest to try and keep them from progressing. This day was no exception to that rule.
So everything was fine and the day started just great...and then I woke up and the day went downhill from there. So this will be the last time that I trust a Latin with any and all final plans for anything important ever again. So though I asked at least a thousand bazzillion times and was assured everytime that we had a ride to bring the people to the chapel for their baptism as turns out we go to get the car and driver that was my comp's plan and then to my utter horror I hear my comp ask "Hey Carlos, can you pick up the people from Naco to being them to the church for their baptism?" Yeah ...it was the first time asking him.
Needless to say that the answer was "No. I am working right now." Yeah talk about utter sucking. We were living it. I wish that Honduras could figure two things out, #1 logistics, things just don't happen without a little bit of planning before, and #2 economics. If the neighbor opens up a store and it is doing well you SHOULD NOT open up the same type of store right next door.
Well so after frantic calling and visiting and asking everyone in the ward who has a car if they can pick up the peeps (a total of 7 people have cars) turns out we were up the creek without a boat, we had the paddles though. Namely my license to operate a vehicle in the United States of America. So then I heard the words come from Carlos "Hey you guys can just use my truck."
My heart sank. To call this screaming metal death trap a car, LET ALONE a truck is the biggest lie I have ever heard...EVER! It is a Toyota baby toddler toy that runs on gas. But it is stick shift and my comp doesn't know how to drive stick. So it was up to me to save the day. Now I will have to ask my mother to refrain from looking up YouTube videos of Honduran driving in order to save herself worrying and grey hairs. But let's just say that we survived and accomplished to arrive in Naco unscathed, though some pants were in need of changing.
Well after a one legged woman, a fat lady, fifteen little kids, a security guard, and two pre teens piled into the back of the truck we were off again. Well we got to the church and they are now all happy members of the church here in Cofradia. Well that is my story for this episode folks. Just try and remember to have an adventure every day. Until I hear from you again,


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