February 17, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 17 Fed 2014

Well sorry if that last email was totally blank...I suck at this whole convert from English and then type on a Spanish keyboard. But I will progress with it. So this week was really fast now that I think about it. But hey it sure was an interesting one.
Let's just say that the Hatfield and McCoy spirit hasn't died off yet, in the sense that there has begun a war here in Cofradia that I am now referring to as "La Guerra de los Pajaros y los Leones" and it is just funny to see that i people would sit back and think of how it started then there wouldn't be this war. So this one started over a "he said she said" moment and now has become everyone drawing sides. It hasn't yet broken out into the whole killing people part yet, hopefully it doesn't get that far but it is the uneasy calm before the storm right now.
Other than that the work is progressing here in the ghetto and along with it answers to prayers. So our area is really huge here. We have been praying for more missionaries so that we can just rush ahead the work while it is on fire but we just need more help. So with that as our prayer we are now going to get our area divided and they are adding in more missionaries into Naco. With this added strength here we will have almost enough for the whole city of Cofradia to have a stake of its own. That will be HUGE for the members here who have been working for nearly thirty years to have their city grow with the church.
Well we didn't have any baptisms this last week but we have two lined up for this Saturday, Elia and Doris. They are getting really stoked for their baptisms. We just need to help them understand a wee little bit more before they get dunked.
Well that seems to be about all that is happening. Not really any cool stories but there are a lot of things developing that will help us along the road. Well loves you all and can't wait to hear from you all this next week.


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