February 24, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 24 Feb 2014

Well let's just say that this week went really fast and really crazy fun. But I will build up the drama and suspense by getting to the cool stuff at the very end of this very lengthy email...Mwwahahahaha! Okay so so all you people know this week was actually really hard but one of the most fun weeks I have had here in Honduras. It ended up being the most fun due to one thing. Now this is the Gospel of Mike so take it with a grain of salt. this week was super great, even though we had tons of challenges and problems and horrible things happen, for one reason...we made it fun. I really enjoyed this whole week because it helped reaffirm just what this Gospel can do for every single person, rain or snow or even sunshine, the Gospel is one of joy.
Any way this week started off with my companion really sucking a whole lot and was just always thinking of home and really needing to just be dragged out every day to teach. Then on Thursday we went to San Pedro and he had an interview with Pres. "Pappy" Dester and now he is just on fire and happy and doing just amazing.
So this week all of our investigators and the ward here as a whole have been having just tons of problems and tons of crazy stuff just happening. The whole Hatfields and McCoys feud is still happening and it is just kinda funny to just watch how stupid these people are that they won't sit down and talk about it for five seconds, no they just want to fight it out. It really would be like five seconds tops of talking for them to figure out what the problem is. Well that is what you get when you have a whole bunch of huge families that are all uneducated fighting.
Then the aunts and uncles get involved and then before you know it the whole town is fighting. No really like everyone here are related, kinda shady if you ask me. For example the other day we were working on teaching this couple and they wanted to get baptized but first is was necessary to be married first to stop living in fornication. Well as we got their paperwork from the government to go on with the marriage turns out they are cousins...yeah...break out the banjos on that one boys.
Well that isn't the craziest thing that has happened this week. So we were in one of our areas named Naco (which actually means a guy who is completely useless and uneducated and super stupid...can you believe that it is a poor neighborhood) oh on that note here in Honduras they name everything very bluntly. For example the little town named Aquas Negras (Black Waters) is named that because that is where all the nasty sewage runs into a river. Very direct with the naming of things.
Well we were teaching every day in Naco this week, but the last bus to get back to Cofradia leaves at 6:00 pm but that is like the best time to teach out there. So we were going to get a ride back into town from the bishop at 8:00 but as were were sitting there and it was like 8:45 we assumed that he forgot about us. So we started walking back to town. By the way it is a very long walk, don't have cars or bikes like you loser missionaries stateside...cause those get robbed.
Anywho so after walking for about fifteen minutes we were walking past the military post here, La Trecer Batalla de Infenteria (Third Infantry Battalion) Well this really nice truck pulled out of the post and the guy yelled at us in a commanding voice to get in. So we were like "Sweet! Free ride!" and right as I open the door to the truck he has a silenced pistol in his lap. Talk about a strange car ride. But turns out he is the commandant of the battalion, Colonel...I can't remember his name. He is super inactive though but we have a dinner appointment with him and his wife this Friday. Talk about the Lord working in strange ways.
So in other news right after that it just started down pouring and we ended up walking out in this rain storm. It was raining so hard that the sewers all overflowed and we were walking for like twenty minutes soaked and almost knee deep in a river of sewage. Yeah, master Yoda was pretty pissed about that one. But hey...journal entry. Then we just talk the rest of the week and ended up having such fun days.
I chopped an entire acre of weeds with a machete in the blazing sun and then got back to the house realizing that the keys were in my pants inside the house. Then we had to break into the house. Super fun. Then we were in a talent show for the ward and took the best in show award for our coordinated song and dance "Sweet Home Alabama" accompanied on the guitar by Elder Lindsay.
Yeah so this week all around was just amazing. Now to get the list of things I could use, I will take any and all ties that can be sent. When we baptize guys here we give them shirts and ties so that they can come to church good looking but ties here are like gold so that would help a ton if you could raid the local second hand stores and send as many ties as you can. Well that is all I have for this week.
Just living it up in the sun and having fun every day. Love you guys. Well see ya next week,


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