July 9, 2013

I Made It

Just a quick note to tell you I made it fine and am now in the land of very immature 18 year olds. Hopefully I don't end up killing any this week but it's only been an hour and I am close. It isn't too terribly hot here but I arrived at night. My roommate is a chunky kid and so far I am one of the only missionaries here that is ending up foreign. Really strange actually. So I now have a name tag and tomorrow starts the first day so here is to getting off on a good foot. I will write more when I have more time next week but right now it is actually past lights out so I think I may be bending some of the rules already. Thanks for all you do. Mom make sure to forward this to all the family because I don't have all of their emails. And this keyboard is really weird. It has all these new things on here like ¿ñ? and it is really small too. Well I want you to know I am well and will try to survive the first week in uber mormonville. It may be painful.


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