July 16, 2013


So I survived the first week. Things here are getting along alright but I will have to say that it is way different then I thought it would be. It is not even close to as hot as it is in Utah and not even humid here. And the weather is so predictable. Every day at 6:00 it rains and cools on down. This campus is huge too, a full 90 acres in the center of a really shady neighborhood. But the walls are high so it will be fine. Every night you can hear gunfights over the walls and I do have to say that it is pretty funny. Today we got to go to the temple and on the way we saw a dead guy like right in the middle of the road.
The Spanish is coming along well I guess. Still have a LONG way to go before I am even close to being able to communicate effectively. So far my first goal is to try and get rid of my accent from Gringolandia. I´ll keep you updated on that for sure.
Well my district is great we are pretty close and we are working together to try to get the language. We are teaching our first investegator, Angél and he has had three lessons so far. I end up doing most of the teaching cause my compañero is kinda lazy but hey, even through all that Angél accepted our invitation to be baptized. It will take place in two weeks as long as we keep up the teaching and he keeps progressing.
The Latino culture here is very nice even though they are a bunch of hood rats and shoot each other up. All the people I have talked with are super nice and just love that we are trying to learn their language. ¿I guess when you are smiling and making a fool out of yourself who couldn't help but like you? Oh and the upside down question marks are way cool. The food isn't too bad either. An improvement from the Mess at West Point for sure.
I have yet to meet another elder going to San Pedro Sula West yet but I will keep trying to hunt one down. Turns out Elder Lewis, my companion, sleep walks and some pretty crazy stuff went down. In class he fell asleep and was leaning on the desk when the desk started sliding forward and he started chasing after it and then finally stood up said "I´m good" then ninja dove onto the floor and started running in little circles on his side then started making snow angels in the dust on the floor. He then was stood up by the teacher and once again said "I´m good" and then screamed and sprinted out into the hall where I chased him down. The teacher then took him into another room to talk with him and when he came back he had a bag and more study material which we assumed he had gone back to the apartment to grab. Turns out he stole it from a Sister Curtis and so the next day we had to explain that he was sleep walking and stole this. So pretty funny stuff has been happening here.
Well this is about all I have to tell you aside from the fact that the Mexicans shoot fireworks every single day at the oddest times like three in the morning. I guess I will have to try to investigate as to why they are that stupid. Also turns out I am the scrounger because guess you now has a mini fridge and water cooler with 12 liter clean water jugs in his room and is the only one who does...this guy! Hahahahha! This MTC needs to learn to not give us 30 minutes each day to go explore. Well I love you and cant wait to hear from you again.

Elder Duff

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