July 23, 2013

Week Two

Well they haven't kil´t me yet. So I guess what I am hearing is e´rybody wants to know what the daily life is like. Well here goes.
I wake up a 6:30 and then since the other companionship in our apartment is stupid and wakes up half an hour early and takes the longest showers we just chill until they get out. What guy in their right mind takes an almost thirty minute shower in sketchy Mexican water? They also use loofahs like little girls. You think I am kidding but the one kid has a big pink loofah in the shower. The saying my compañero and I use is "No juzgues" which means don't judge but it sounds like "know who's gay" so we always say after someone says "no juzgues" is "oh I know who's gay...he has a pink loofah."
So after showering up and getting all shlicked up like a capo, we then read The Book of Mormon for a half hour out loud in Spanish as a companionship to get our minds right for the day. Then we go to the mess and get some Mexican grub. They have pancakes a lot but they end up tasting like more like cake and less like pan. No really they kinda taste like a little bit of yellow cake cooked in a pan. Strange but good. The food ain't half bad once you get past how it looks. The sopa guy is hilarious and always is yelling "¡Sopa!" when he hands you soup.
Well then we head to class from 8 until 12:30. My teacher in the morning is Hermano Wiest from Boston and he is really hilarious and a cool teacher, even though he refers to himself by many names such as "Señor Elavator" or "El Tomahawk" in honor of his nonexistent basketball skills. He is great though. The weather here is actually really great. It doesn't get over the high 80´s and it rains like clock work every day at dinner time but only for a couple of hours which actually keeps the mosquitoes down and cools the whole place right down.
This place wouldn't be bad if it didn't have A) tons of Utah Mormons running around and B) all the crappy Mexican favelas surrounding it. Oh we hear tons of shoot outs like every morning and night around the place which is pretty cool.
The Latinos are scared of me in soccer now because I was goalie and jumped for a ball and just smashed this little Mexican who was trying to head it in. It was more like I bumped him with my shoulder but when you weigh under 120 and you are like five foot nothing and you get trucked by an American it is life changing. So now if I start running towards them to take the ball they kinda give up since in soccer turns out you can shoulder as hard as you want which means they don't get very far.
So then we have lunch and after we have our hour of exercise time then we are back in the classroom until 6 for dinner then we go back into the classroom until 9 at night. I think it is very fishy that the classrooms are labeled "Aula" which means room and "Jaula" means cage. Anyone else feeling the same?
Then it is planning time and write in journal time then sleepy time. Well that is my every day. Great huh? I can't handle the amount of corny Mormon jokes that these people seem to tell.
Oh on Sunday we had a devotional and so I am sitting there waiting for it to start when some Hermana walks in and starts just arguing with these elders that were sitting behind us about taking their suit coats off because it was a BILLION degrees in the cramped auditorium. So it starts getting heated so I calmly say "hey lets settle down," well that has no effect so now I get a little agitated and say "hey both of you sit down and shut up." Nothing but this time the piece of crap elder who is already sitting says some stupid snide remark about how he is already sitting down so then I stand up and just get in his face and firmly state that he needs to shut up or I will end him. He promptly was silent. The hermana was a different story.
She is still standing and tries to start the argument again by saying "And I will argue all day that being a female is a thousand times harder then being a man." Close quote. I then couldn't handle the stupidity of this Hermana. I then now even more firmly and loud enough for her to hear through her thick skull told her "No one cares what you think, shut up and SIT DOWN!" She then promptly sat down a midst cheering from the crowd.
So yeah my biggest thing that I have noticed with the age change is that the sisters are extremely immature. The elders you already expect that but now with both groups together I end up correcting a whole lot of these idiots. Well that is all I have for this week´s escapades, I am still tearing it up and trying to get the Spanish down. I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again.


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