July 30, 2013

Yet Another Week in the Neighborhood...Mexico That Is

So today is yet another week until I am free of the place known as El CCM. So news as of this week, we dunked Angél and now have three investagators, Raúl, Armando, y Carlos. So the work continues. As for my date for departing the CCM it is going to be August 20th so if you desire to send me anything it is probably best to send it to the mission home.
As for my brown slacks I don't need them because they look like crap compared to the ones I have. All the nuevo gringos with them just look like they aren't here for business, aka like a bunch of dumb deacons. So yeah life continues on.
The Spanish comes more and more and surprisingly Mexico City wouldn't be bad except for all the slums and the Mexican showdowns every night. The weather is down right pleasant. Really weird birds too. I mean really weird. They have these like killer rabbit looking red eyes and sound like they want to eat your soul but they look pretty cool.
The momos that are here are really funny to tell off, especially the really annoying ones from Utah. Oh mom I could use a pair of my shorts sent down. That would be very helpful. Other than that I can't think of anything else that could be of use to tell you...uh we stole a couch and put it in our apartment and now have a napping couch for p-days so yeah that has been the high point of the week. Love you all and keep up the good fight at home.


P.S. Zeke you better keep me updated on the sprint season and if you need my address I put it on Facebook.

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