August 6, 2013

Only Two Weeks More at the Torture Center de México

Well where to begin? Hmmm...let me see, well the rains came back so now I am able to not sweat to death, but the giant hole in our screen is still the void of death if the window is open because the giant swarms of the adversary, mosquitoes, are awaiting to attack us at every turn.
Well the complaining aside life here continues on and we are pretty much just teaching and working on the ol' Español every day.
The nuevo gringos that arrive every week are looking younger and younger by the day. I need to take some pictures of the baby toddlers and show you how young they actually look.
So the big news here is that the redshirt quarterback for BYU is here and everyone and their grandma just bows down for him which is hilarious because he is the crappiest looking college quarterback I have ever seen. Plus I may have just trucked him in two hand touch after he tried to put the hit stick on me. Funny, but now we not long have fútbol americano privileges because when the MTC president sees a missionary just get trucked and lay there like a sack of very large and awkward BYU potatoes.
So what else, oh my branch president, Pres. Ruiz, is a total stud and just makes Sundays not suck, but rather on the contrary, they happen to be awesome. Well the Spanish is coming along, as in I can now convey what I want without any awkward pauses and I can still make the investigators laugh so I still got it, even in the horrible language.
I have said it before, but God's language is English. It even has it in Preach My Gospel for everyone to learn English because it will help you no matter what mission or language you will be speaking. Coincidence...I think not!
We still have three "gators," Raúl, Armondo, y Carlos and they all seem to be coming along. Carlos was a struggle but after we hit him in the head with a chair he has been coming around. No that is a true story. We got done with a really great lesson that brought him around and he felt the Spirit and then when we were helping to pick up the chairs my companion accidentally hit Carlos in the head with a chair. It's all good though, we didn't kill him, but now he knows we ain't messing around.
Well that is about all I have for this episode of the adventures down under. I hope to hear from you soon and want you all to know I love you.


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