March 10, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 10 Mar 2014

Well this week in the world I live...where to begin. No my comp hasn't died...yet. He has an interview with Pappy Dester during the next change meeting which is in nine days. But it has been just a little rough with him since after my Scooby Doo escapades he now has that whole "dude what the crap, why would you turn me in" look and I have to watch him like a hawk with every single thing. But at least one of us will survive to the next change. The evens (cause odds is a negative term so I am now referring to the odds as the evens) are highly in my favor on this one. But that is enough of that one for sure, on to the more fun news...
We had another baptism! Her name is Karla Santos and she is just a total stud and now is a happy little member in the church. Our next target, our cook Maura! She is going to be baptized this next week right before the change happens which will be awesome!
So we have been working real hard to get Naco all set to be split off into its own area this next week which will mean that work has been going crazy fast. We have been just working so hard that we are just exhausted at the end of the day every single day. But hey "We didn't start the fire, it was always burning..." sorry for that random Billy Joel break but we have been just feeding this fire here to keep the work going.
We are working here to get the work progressing to the point that Naco will be its own branch and that will mean that we are just that one step closer to having Cofradia be its own stake here. Everyone is getting really stoked and wanting to work with us which is just a great thing to see. The work really is being pushed here and the results seem to just be starting. So it is good to hear that everything in the world here is actually just going great.
So in other news I guess I will just inform you on the daily life here in the mission. So we go and in the morning after studying we usually go and do service from chopping down trees to slaughtering animals to building houses and bridges across rivers. So that is a funny story...
So this little pueblito here is split by a river and so everyone has to either walk all the way around or wade through and get wet up to their chest. So we were teaching lessons and came across this really old dude who just happened to have supplies to build a suspension rope bridge across the river. Well seeing as how it was a REALLY hot day turns out that the locals think it is funny watching a gringo in a shirt and tied in the river building them a really crappy bridge but a bridge nonetheless.
Yeah well so after the whole bridge gets finished I had the honor of using the bridge first. And right when I get to the middle the bridge was holding so I thought to myself I will test the strength and thus started to jump up and down repeatedly. I know what you are all thinking "Oh this bridge gives out and he eats it while jumping up and down Laurel and Hardy style." Well you are all broke as soon as I stopped and yelled "I think it will hold." And I was quickly fully soaked.
In fact now that I think about it, all my adventures here as a missionary end up like a Laurel and Hardy movie. Just slap-stick comedy all the way around, just add Spanish. Well that is all I have to tell you guys today. I will see you next week adoring fan club.


Here is to the next 16 months of getting to tear it up down here in Honduras

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