March 24, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 24 Mar 2014

Well let's just get right into it shall we? So I am now a father. Yeah but not in that sense...I am now training. His name is Elder Hernandez from Colombia. Yeah it is pretty crazy. And on top of that I am opening an area that we didn't have missionaries in before, Naco. Yeah so it has been a crazy week. I never wanted to have to deal with this crap. I just wanted to teach and bring people to the Truth but now I have to teach a missionary how to do his it is now that I realized more that my Spanish is pure Honduran as in my comp has a hard time understanding me with his not ghetto/backwoods hillbilly talk. Everyone else here understands me perfectly. Hahahaha! It is just funny how things work around here. Never with the plan.
Also, so we have a new house here and everything and it had some problems. So first we had to hunt down potable water, the five gallon jugs and everything. Only they don't sell the jugs. You are supposed to just magically have them. So after two days without water we finally found and solved that problem. Then we had to solve something else...something crazier.
This story shall be known as The Battle of the Roach. As in our house had an infestation of cockroaches. As in our nightly ritual for the first two days was to kill roaches for at least 15 minutes. Armed with a machete and a shoe. We would kill about twenty or so a night. Until we called in support, yeah we waged chemical war against them. So turns out we were matched up against a company six element of about a hundred and fifty cockroaches. We killed them all. It was a great day not going to lie. Now everything in the house is safe and we can now not have to worry about them anymore.
Yes, my new baby companion's first thing about Honduras was me screaming and attacking a bunch of cockroaches with a machete and shoe combo with my tie around the top of my head like Rambo for effect. Yeah it was a pretty great way to say "Welcome to the Mision San Pedro Sula Oeste."
Well those are the adventures for the week. We will get back to the adventures next week, right fan club?

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