April 28, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 28, April 2014

Well adoring fans, this week in the Ghetto was actually really good. Pretty hot still. But that never changes so not much to tell you on that. I mean when you wake up in the night and have a fan on your whole body and are still sweating it just goes to say that hot is hot and I think you will all understand that so I can stop informing you.

Well it is good to hear that life back home is horrible and that you are all missing the slave labor that is now adventuring down in Honduras! There is justice in the world after all! Hahahahaha! But really you old folks need to take care of yourselves so when I come back in my triumphant return you will all be healthy enough for me to make fun of without feeling bad cause you are all old and sickly.

In other news I am doing better. So all the people are back in their houses now after this whole Easter Week. So we have been working again to get back in the game. So we have been working in overdrive to try and make up for the bad last week and so in the process I have found my small Colombian's weakness...walking.

He hates walking for a long time. So naturally as his "father" in the mission I had to take full advantage of this. So this whole week we walked everywhere. Hahahahaha! It was amazing. Man it was so nice to hear his whines and complaints all week. And at the end of the week we had a whole lot of money from not using buses, enough money we could buy cereal for breakfast this next week! Double win! Hahahaha! Yes we do get excited over the little things here. Like the other day we were given a small package of Oreos...yeah the originals...and it happened to make the day!

But the work continues on with tones of miracles, including a whopping twenty new investigators including a family who just walked up to the church this Sunday right before sacrament meeting asking if this was the Mormon Church...we promptly said yeah and now they are all super excited and have a date to all be baptized. Yeah that is what I call getting thrown into our laps.

But hey its not always that easy. Now we have to get back to work and keep the flames going. Well thanks for all the help from back home. Just make sure to know that you guys are "super macanuda" as the catrachos here would say. Keep up the good work,


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