May 5, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 5 Mayo 2014

Well this week was just a strange yet awesome week. Let's just say that it involved a mariachi band of prostitutes, a drug lord at a soccer game, losing investigators because they are "going mojado" to the US and my personal favorite...the rain has come back to Honduras along with the "lluvia de peces." But enough of an introduction now on to the meat and potatoes of the email...

So this week was a great adventure out here in Naco, the area of the lost boys. No really that is what everyone calls Naco now thanks to one Elder in a ward council meeting when he started macheting all the leaders who don't ever help our little extension. So now we are the lost boys out in Neverland. Yeah it is really nice to live our here with Peter Pan and all the pirates. Well there are pirates at least so maybe it's not so far from the truth.

So first we have been working hard all this time out here and lots of that time is contacting the tons of references that we keep getting but as of yet that hasn't added to any huge boost in the numbers here in Naco. But on to the crazy stuff that always seems to happen in Honduras.

So first my companion and I were walking in the night coming back from an area when we ran into a street we have never taken before. So being the curious chap that I am I took the lead to discover where it lead to. And the really crazy thing is what we did find on this street. There was a mariachi band...of prostitutes. Yeah...tell me about it. Number one a female mariachi band is a rare enough thing. I mean I have only ever seen one now and on top of that they are prostitutes. Let's just say that strange things indeed are afoot at the Circle K at night Ted. (Thank you for the Bill and Ted's reference) Yeah I now will never be able to take a mariachi band serious ever again. Our reaction when they started talking to us was as follows:

And now we will not be taking that street at night.

Alright time for the other stories. So it was Wednesday night when we were coming back from a ward council meeting when we saw a soccer game in the high school field in Naco. It had a huge crowd to watch, mostly men, so we went in to talk to them all as good missionaries should. But let's just say that quicker than we entered we left for some unknown feeling we just left. And as you know it the Spirit strikes again because in that huge group of men was a leader of one of the cartels here and right as we left turns out the other cartel came by spraying bullets and killed him. Don't worry we got out fine and were kilometers away when it happened but it is always good to know that you got a big Someone on your side watching your back.

And now on to the weather. Man I sound old when I say that. SO this week it was pushing almost 110 everyday. It was just awful! Every single moment was spent sweating. Praying...sweating. Teaching...and sweating. Sleeping...sweating. Yeah much the same. But then the other day, miracle...the rains have returned! And with it a break in the blistering heat every single day.

So the first day it down poured and this being my companion's first encounter with the rains of Honduras asked in his strange sad little voice, "vamos a ir en este lluvia?" (Are we going to leave in this rain?) To which my response was almost horror to him...yes Elder! We are missionaries and this is what we do. Then he sat there with this hilarious dumb look on his face. I could not help but start to laugh which only made him think I was kidding. But it wasn't until we left and were soaked to the undies in the first two seconds that he finally believed me. The best thing ever.

The young green Elder that I have as a son has got so much to learn. He has got no street smarts what so ever. I mean he doesn't even have the ability to pull the "okay I am talking to a member that for the life of me I can't remember his name or that I even know him but I just say brother in such a way that it makes him feel like we are the best of friends." But with time I hope he will master some of the skills that are needed to live life. For example the bucket shower.

Yes it literally is what its name suggests. Having only one bucket of water to shower and trying to be clean. He is still the jerk who uses almost all the water and then complains that it was dirty when I get stuck with the muddy water left at the bottom of the bucket. So I then use his towel as my foot dryer-offer and the world is back in balance once again.

So yeah with the rain has come the break in the heat wave. As in it is in the low 90s to mid 80s and we are like this is the most amazing thing ever. It ends up just being such a needed break from the death by heat. Well that is about all that is happening in this adventure. I hope to hear from you again on this upcoming week's adventures. Love you all,


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