May 12, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 12 Mayo 2014

Well friends, family, and those enemies that I keep close only waiting to finally destroy you (Jack).

In this week's report there isn't that much to report. Let's see...I talked to all the old folks back at home and they are just getting older and more folk-like. Then there was talking to all the crazy siblings that I have. It's good to hear that you all keep on keeping on back home.

As for life here, we are working hard with our gators here in Naco and it has been slow in bearing fruits but they are progressing. Just PAINFULLY slow. At times it drives me crazy. That is what I am figuring out that patience is what I need to develop cause that is what this area is helping me with an extraordinary amount of opportunities to work on it: the area without any help from members, the fact that my comp acts like a six year old girl...a six year old EMOTIONAL girl.

I can speak Spanish now but still doesn't mean that I want to talk feelings with a Latin.

Well other than that I am sorry that my time here is short but we have to get back to work so I will make sure to make it extra long this next week. Just make sure to have an adventure every single day.

I love you all,


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