June 2, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 2 Junio 2014

Well where should this report begin?

So first this week was really long. No we still haven't had an baptisms here in Naco and it has been a little bit frustrating cause we are working really hard here to try and help our gators to progress but you know it isn't the results that we should be after but it would be nice. Right now our big work is just animating the members and reactivation for the less actives then we move on to baptizing the people who will make up the leadership here in the future of Naco.

But also just so you all can know it is really really really hot and I am always really really really sweaty. But hey, it could be worse. I could be from New Jersey. (Shout out to those from New Jersey). No really it is really hot every day but the good news is that we are starting to get more rain which will break the heat wave for about an hour or two then it is hotter afterwards. Yeah it is still really fun to be out in the heat.

Also on another note I hope that all your air conditioners break so that I can laugh and enjoy the brief moment of laughing so that you all can feel just a little bit of what it is like. So to begin your day of Honduras heat I need you all to get up ant at 7:00 am it will be about 80 degrees or so. Well you start studying and by about 9:00 am you are already sweating horribly. By lunchtime, it is about 90-95 degrees and you are getting ready for the heat of the day. Then after you go out or the full block in the afternoon it is almost 100 on the hot days and on the less it is almost 100. Yeah well that has been your day in the life of the heat here in Naco. But hey you know I will still end up sweaty and all that no matter if you guys suffer it for one brief time too.

So in other news the world here is still crazy and filled with beans and lots of tortillas. And on that same note I am now an expert in making corn flour tortillas by hand. A skill that will really only serve me when I feel like eating a tortilla and have no other means of finding one. but it is fun to learn about the culture here.

Not this week but the next week there are changes and the news in the street is that seeing as I have been here in this area for six months going on seven I am looking at having a change. Right now it is a fifty-fifty chance but hey it's always a fifty-fifty chance right?

Well that is about all that I have for right now. We are all good here and not getting sick. Except for the occasional Colombian who won't listen to his trainer/father when he says "I wouldn't eat that if I were you." But then it is always funny afterward when he is totally regretting not listening. I think I have taken the parenting approach where I take a more passive roll by giving him the information that he needs but then he has to decided to act on it or not. It ends up being really funny for me. But in the end he is learning. Ha! Who needs Dr. Spock and his book? Parenting is easy (said no one ever!)

But that is about all that I have for right now. I will see you in the next week's updates. Loves ya,


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