May 26, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 26 Mayo 2014

Well friends and family, it's really hot. Let's talk about that,

So this last week went by super fast. I mean I feel like I was just talking to you people. So the big changes from this week to the last is hotter. Yeah hard to believe but it is true. It gets hotter every day and sooner in the day too. As in I am sweaty at 7:00 now! Yay! So with all this sweating and the fact that there is just dust everywhere our shirts end up more brown than white really quickly. How I imagine myself is looking like Indiana Jones from the Temple of Doom,

But then I realize I am just super sweaty and need to bathe.

Well my problems with my comp are still there mostly cause he thinks he knows better than me and just never listens even when I say, "Hey man I wouldn't eat that if I were you." Then the next two hours he is in the bathroom and complaining and I just say something about how he should listen to someone known as his trainer. But hey maybe it is a chance for me to develop more patience.

The work here is progressing, just super slowly, as in so slowly it hurts. But it is still progressing which is the best part. Our gators are starting to come to church and read and do the things that we have been telling them for so long that we have gotten hoarse in the throat from explaining so much. Speaking of horses, yesterday there was a horse race in Naco. Really crappy but still something that was completely out of the ordinary. So I will paint a picture for you. The dirt road next to our house was the track and there they were, the riders with their pygmy-like horses that are all skinny and look ill. Then they mount up and get ready. Then the starting pistol, that I am almost 100% positive they were just shooting real rounds cause blanks don't exist here, fires and they are off. It was slow and sat at how small these horses are and how much they need feed. But I still got to watch a horse race in Honduras. Check that off the bucket list, along with playing the Honduran lotto by accident (shout out to Time DeGrisselles).

So the other day we also had a fun time contacting in the street. So we decided to contact every single man that had a mustache or was smoking. And turns out that we now have a lot of families to work with. Well that is about all that has happened for this weeks adventures. Just living it up here in Naco. Can't wait to hear from you next week,


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