June 9, 2014

The Ghetto Report, Ed 9 Junio 2014

Well this week in the Neverland was very interesting. Well let's start with the beginning shall we? Well first we had divisions with one of the assistants to the president or AP as we call them. Let's just say don't forget that you are a missionary too...ever! So at the end we had a nice talk and he went home with his tail between his legs. Mormon kids...gosh! Then after we just got back to work and got a whole lot of good as in a whole bunch of service.

Father, can I just say that for once all your slave labor tasks that you forced me to do are finally paying off. The jobs that I did this week starting with landscaping with a machete (yeah talk about your manliness level skyrocketing through the rough!) Fixing water PVC lines, home electrician (scary but yes I have more experience with that than all of Honduras), painting a house, leveling out a whole yard with a shovel and machete (control your selves ladies, please) and giving a haircut to a poor family with...hair trimmers. Now that I have shown that I am a total catch it is time to remind you that I always was you just never took time to look.

And now back on to the news. So looks like I might be getting a change seeing as how I have been in this area for more than six months now. But I will know tomorrow so next week we will see what type of Report it is. Well I have to go do some more manly things with a machete and necktie. I love you all and am doing really well. I hope to have some more time next week but until then remember how amazing you all can be.



(Yeah the guy who is a mix between Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Sean Connery as 007)

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