June 16, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road...Ed 16 Junio 2014

Well as you guys can now probably tell, yes I was changed out of Naco and am in a new area called Dos Caminos. And for those of you who hate me and send curses on me (Time DeGriselles) I will let you all know that the curses worked and I am in fact training again. Yeah laugh it up while you can just wait until I get there and beat...I mean have a nice long calm talk about feelings and such...

Yeah so my new child is from Mesa, Arizona, which I think is somewhere in the Southern part of Africa for all you people who don't know where it is. His name is Jarom Sessions and is really tall. But hey he wants to work and that is what I like to hear so we are now just attacking with full force here in the new area that we call home.

So let's talk about that we have been having. So we were walking getting to know the area when all of a sudden I see a fruit stand and they had some really good looking bananas so my new child and I walked over to get some fruit to eat and then while I am there suddenly something jumps out of the rafters of the stand and attacks me. And by attacks I mean starts licking me and playing. But I was still startled. I believe that most people would be when a seven pound raccoon jumps on you while buying bananas.

Yeah so now we have a new buddy every day when we pass that banana stand. I haven't asked the name of the coon yet but he is really cool. I will for sure be sending some photos of him cause he is just a ball of fun. But always attacks me like a ninja with sneak attack tactics. But eh at least I now have a fun buddy to feed fruit and enjoy playing with.

Other cool things from this week, so the branch president here in Dos Caminos is famous for being an insane control freak that breaks all rules of the Church and takes authority that he doesn't have and basically making the lives of the missionaries horrible here. Well maybe the other missionaries haven't had a spine or something cause in my first meeting with the dude I just listened to everything that he was saying and at the end of his speech I just pulled out the red handbook that he has as a branch president and just went through and told him basically that he needs to read it and understand that just about everything that he is trying to do is in fact against Church regulations. And now he is a littler angry but the work is now actually advancing here cause the missionaries can work without being harassed at every turn by the local loco (pun intended).

Well now that I have just stooped to the level of throwing puns into my letter I think it is time to get back to the normal adventures that I have been having. So let's see today we played soccer against all the other missionaries in our zone...cough, cough, the Latins...oh sorry for that coughing fit. But today was team gringo against the world as we said. And guess what...we totally murdered them. So I guess they just aren't used to all the other players shirking away from contact in the game cause they just had the crap beat out of them today. As in all I would do is literally just take their hits and then more than one of them went a-end over tea kettle as the bigger gringos just started playing how we normally do. I also had some very dramatic slide tackles and an almost graceful butterfly kick that almost was close to the goal.

Well this is about all that I have for this week of adventures. I hope to hear from you all soon and just remember to keep safe and that I love you all. Now go have adventures for yourselves and then tell me about them. Oh and for all you fathers out there remember that you aren't that special. I say this cause just had a full day of people saying how cool you all are and there has to be oppositions in all things so I am just telling you that you all are "meh" at best. Except for my old man. he's okay I guess. No I love you Old Man Rivier, just keep up the mustache cause everyone in the mission loves the pics of your mustache that I have. Well I will see you next week.



"Every day an adventure!"

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