June 23, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road, Ed 23 Junio 2014

Well folks! It seems that we are here once again. Well this week was once again another adventure. Let's just say that this week's episode involves rain, mud, mud, ummmm, mud, and a zombie chicken. So let's get to it, shall we?

So with the start of this last week came the rains to Honduras again. As in it has been raining every single day in the afternoon again. Which means that we only have to suffer through the first half of the day of heat then we just have to walk around soaked the second half. Well we take what we can get, right? Well now we are just trying to adapt to the wet season again. It is sill hilarious that when it rains there are only two people in the street here, Elder Duff and Elder Sessions. Everyone else just seems to disappear. The other day it was raining so hard that the streets were filled with knee deep water and we were walking when suddenly my companion just sings into this hole in the street and basically gets all soaked. It was actually really great to see. He was pretty upset but hey I got a good laugh out of it. But since I am training him does that make me a horrible dad since I just laugh at my son's misfortunes and then still remind him of it days later? Probably not. But hey life is to laugh at hilarious things, right?

So the work here is progressing as well as my Spanish. And you know what that means...my English is just sucking horribly. I mean I find myself talking and saying Spanish things without even noticing. My child who is progressing with his Spanish but still struggles just looks at me weird and I don't even know why sometimes. Until one day he recorded me talking to him and it ended up like this: "Okay hoy tenemos a lot of citas and the goal is to atacar las dudas que our gators have. When we meet with Hermana Garcia remember our compromiso por ella..." I mean I could go on forever. And the saddest part is I think I am speaking English the whole time. (Slow sobbing at this sad development) Why? What did I do to have this travesty happen? I mean English is my thing, what am I going to be without it? Uh I don't want to think of that, it makes me sick. I mean if you want to know what it would be like just take your favorite movie and listen to it in Spanish. It dies, all jokes, all things you loved, and suddenly you end up with a taste of beans and tortillas in the back of your throat. Sorry for ruining your guys' favorite movies now. But hey it is happening to me rather quickly as it seems. Well that is about all that is in this report. Sorry that there isn't a whole lot. I will take care to update you all on the adventures of next week better.

But just to end, birthday wish list...beef jerky. Lots of it. A leather bound journal cause mine is getting full with the everyday adventure count, maybe something cool and manly like a wolverine or maybe a large laminated picture of John Wayne. About anything that is 'Merican will be accepted as we need to remember that America really is the greatest place ever. You all better enjoy it or I will come there and make sure you do.

Well I love you all and hope that you are all doing well and if you aren't well just remember to look for your own adventures every day. Until I hear from you all,


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