June 30, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road, Ed 30 Junio 2014

Well this week was awesome because we had yet another encounter with Pancho the raccoon. Yeah he is just as much fun as he was before cause he stole candy out of my comp's pocket and then ran up a post eating it all. But it was a piece of candy with gum on the inside so he ended up chewing for like twenty minutes all the gum. Pancho looked super angry after for how much effort it was to eat that candy.

Hahaha! Totally my best part of the day every day. So the work here in Dos Caminos is progressing in a different way actually. So really what seems to be the need of the branch here is reactivate the people, especially in our area. We have 320 members in the branch here but in our area only three families come to church every week. Yeah so that means we have to find and reactivate roughly three hundred people. talk about crazy, huh? Well in that department we are getting kinda really depressed cause the people we visit just tell us that they know it is all true but just really don't want to go. Some for the crazy chisme that happens in the branch, others cause the crazy megalomaniac of a branch president kinda scares them away. Yeah so it is getting difficult like always but one thing I have learned is that when it is the most difficult in life it is right before something great is about to happen. So we will just keep up the work and attack it with all our strength until we get to seeing the results of our labors.

 So my child is beginning to show his ability with Spanish. He just gets a bit scared to talk to the catrachos because they speak so fast. It is coming along though. So we contacted this woman, Isis, well she isn't just some random lady she is actually our neighbor. But when we met her we gave her a pamphlet and then set up a follow up appointment. So when we went back two days later to teach she was all super excited to talk to us. So she had invited her cousin and his wife to listen to us too. Well we started to get to know her and she is a 25 year old doctor who is finishing up her residency and so we started to talk about the lesson. So we asked her what she remembered from the pamphlet and then she just blew our minds away. She, without having the pamphlet out, taught us basically word for word the first lesson including going into details about the difference between the Aaronic Priesthood and the Melchizedek Priesthood. After her teaching the lesson to her family and us she just asked two things: if she could have a Book of Mormon to read and asked what language was the book originally in.

Well there was a good minute of silence. We missionaries looked at each other in unbelief. Elder Sessions then asked through his teeth if this had ever happened before. Well it in fact had never happened in my experience. I then handed Isis my missionary tag and said she could do our jobs for us forever. It is really great to see that there really are people prepared to receive us and the message. Of course I hope I don't get spoiled by how easily she is progressing. But yeah that is about all the good news worth reporting. Can't wait to hear from you all. Loves ya,


PS you should all get a pet raccoon named Pancho. He is boss. There, that is all.

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