July 28, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road, Ed 28 Julio 2014

This week's episode...poverty.

So as with all of our adventures this week I was with Elder Sessions. And in this week it was time to go get a new housemate at the changes. So we went and picked up a new gringo, Elder Moes (pronounced Moose) who is from Salt Lake City. Well then we got back from the big city it was time to get back at the work. Well it is really weird to have another gringo in the house. That brings the total up to three and one Latin. Crazy but hey fun times!

Well as for the adventures there haven't been any really great but only some really small daily ones. So we first have been fighting the local cat population that somehow keeps getting into the house and makes me end up throwing a shoe at these evil feline vermin! They are trying to eat our trash. But we are taking care of them with shoes and or machetes. (No animals have been hurt in the making of this email* yet!) Then we go and teach all day. It has been hot and then rains then is hotter than before.

Also so this week has been a week just filled with Sessions and Lorenzana having a bunch of meaningless arguments about the dumbest things. What type of puppy is the cutest, whether or not America is only the states or all of the continent. About anything that you can think of as a crappy argument boom, they have it. Mostly it ends up Moose and I watching them and laughing. On another note, found out the other day that I am one of the old guys in the mission. In this mission there are more than three-fourths of the missionaries have less than ten months in the mission. Crazy.

So as with investigators we are finally getting some new ones. Our long weeks of drought have come to an end with the finding of some really great new families to teach. It has been rough but the long weeks of hard work are paying off. Don't get frustrated if you seem to be going no where. Just refocus and attack from a new angle folks. It will work in the end. It always does.

So now on to the subject of this letter. So Elder Sessions always uses this phrase "Oh that's poverty!" Yeah with everything. As in we saw Elder Moes drinking from a jug that had a hole in it and that is when Sessions says "Oh that's poverty." Finally after weeks of hearing this I had to confront it and say "Elder we are in Honduras, that is the definition of POVERTY!" But until further notice please refrain from using the work poverty around me. I get it enough. Man mo-mos are crazy peoples. Well it was good to hear from you all and I hope you are all doing well. I love you all except for the ones, you know who. Well see yas,


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