August 4, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road, Ed 4 Agosto 2014

Well this week was a really good one. As you already remember from the last week our time here is getting to be pretty hard but we are finally coming through. This week there were some great miracles to come through for us. So we have been just hitting the road hard and literally talking with everyone and their dog but not getting any real success. But this last week we finally started to see the fruits of our labors paying off. Well we started by going and doing a whole lot of service for the members in our area to get them all happy and animated again. Our area seems, well not seems, IS is a more proper way to say, our area is neglected by the local church here. All the members live a little bit far away from the church so they just get abandoned and then don't feel at home in the church. It has been such a sad thing to see here. But we have finally got them to be really animated. We have been having activities with them and really just getting them to remember why they were baptized in the first place. It's been painful but hey we are not seeing the fruits coming through. But the really great miracle this last week was finally finding people who are prepared to hear the word and are now preparing to be baptized at the end of the month. It has been making the pain and effort worth it to now help people come to the truth of the restored gospel of Christ. Totally worth everything.

In other news the gringo team in our zone is still undefeated against the Latin team in soccer. Last P-day we swept them three games to zero with scores of 5-0 every game. Yes we have been making it rain here. Saddest part is that they are just way too serious about the games and we are just chillaxing and having fun and dropping bombs. So my one memorable goal happened when I came out of the goal and took the ball all the way to the net unassisted with a gol-aso top right corner. Broke some kid's ankles (not literally just juked them out) passed the ball to myself by kicking it straight into another elder's face and catching the ball for a score. Just so you know some elders were hurt in the making of this goal. Well mainly the elder who took one to the face.

Also as you will see I now have a tattoo of a dragon...hahahahahaha! No this less-active family we have been working with has a young 6 year old daughter who wanted to put a washable tat on me cause she thought it fit me better than her. And who can say no to a cute little girl. But yeah that is about all that. Then at the end that is about all that has happened this week. I will keep you all updated with the next week's adventures.

Oh for all of you that don't have it the following is permanent address that you send things to for the whole time I am in Honduras,

Elder Michael Duff
Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission
12 Calle Ave. Circunvalacion SO
Edificio Yude Canahuati
Nivel 3, Oficina 4
San Pedro Sula, Cortes

And that will never change until I get back home. Just so you all can remember to send me any and all thigns America and yummy. Well I love you all and keep up the good work or I will hunt you down and make sure you keep it up. Loves,


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