August 11, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road, Ed 11 Agosto 2014

Well this week was a really fast one. But really good at the same time. So the big news is that the work is progressing the whole time. Bad news is the Honduras just likes to cut the power here in Dos Caminos. As in almost every day it has been going out. And to top that all off it has somehow found a way to get hotter here. So with the power out that means that there is no way to abate the heat with fans. So it has been a week of suck at night. We are sweating so dang much. But we manage to live. The big news is that we have been finding a ton of people who God prepared to receive the Gospel. So as of before this week we had a whopping zero prospects for baptism as of this last week we now have seven people who have accepted to be baptized this upcoming month. It has just been a little frustrating up to this point because there has just been so much work as of our part and then all of a sudden it finally paid off and we are getting to see the fruits of labor. Now that the fire has started it is time to keep it going and work harder.

In other news we have been having fun while working. So yesterday my companion was playing with a little kid and the kid stole his name plaque so he grabbed him and pulled him into his lap to get it back when this kid just farted right no my comp. Everyone just died laughing and my comp had this look of "did that really just happen?" on his face. Also so we also pulled a prank on the other elders. So we had borrowed their phone and changed our number in their contacts to our mission president's name then called them up and told them to come into San Pedro for an interview. So then the elders after getting off the phone came in all shaken from the call and were telling us the story of how they now have to go talk to the president. My comp tried to keep it together but just started laughing so dang hard. So now a war has started in the house when we are home trying to get the other missionaries. In other news that is about all the adventures that we have had for this week. I will keep you updated on full adventures that we have. I love you all and can't wait to hear from you all soon. Until then,


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