August 18, 2014

The Report From the Fork in the Road, Ed 18 Agosto 2014

Well peeps of the internet,

This week was a very quick one. Let's just sum it up. It was hot, then a couple huge storms, then more hot and boom! here I am. Well we will see you next week.

Well now I will actually get into more detail about what is going on. So this week we have been yet again seeing the results of hard work. We now have a whopping six people preparing to be baptized and that is just awesome! After a long drought. But here is the good news we are keeping strong even though this week was unbearably hot. So it was horrible all the beginning of the week but then about Wednesday a huge storm came in and just destroyed the dirt roads around here. As in there was flooded streets will with what has to be the single most disgusting mixture of rainwater and aguas negras I have ever seen. But hey, it's called a diary entry day. Well this week we also got to do a lot of service with the members. This week was once again building fence week: so we just built a big ole fence and gate for this old lady, Justina. She is like 90 years old and is just a ball of fun. She always makes my companion laugh so hard. He has, as of yet snorted water out of his nose three times thanks to Justina. One time was actually Pepsi that came out his nose so it was painful but furn for all of us.

Really that has been about it. Oops well I did forget about the talent show that the gringos blew away. So the church here has a talent show that we totally dominated. So our talent/act was about us thinking about what we were going to do for the talent show. So we had had twenty minutes before to plan this so we just had the show be what really happened only funnier. So we started with brainstorming songs to sing then we ended up with "In the Jungle" from the Lion King and just was a hilarious ball of fun the whole time. Good times. Good times.

Well that is about all the news that is news for this week. We'll make sure to have more adventures this upcoming week. Love you guys, can't wait to hear from you next week,


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